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Are you looking for the best BOY'S HOSTEL in Kathmandu Bagmati Zone?
AOS BOY'S HOSTEL is the best Hostel in Kathmandu Bagmati Zone.

The AOS boys hostel is providing its service to the students to cross the major milestone in their life.The hostel keeps the students who coming to the valley for higher studies and jobs. AOS gives the homely care and guidance they need.

The hostel is determined to assist all the young generation to get their goal.
The owner of the hostel is Mr. AOS who runs the hostel by themselves with the support of trained and efficient staffs. In total, the hostel has 16 rooms and is made to facilitate 50 students at a time. The rooms are available in the format of Dual-Seater, Triple-Seater and Five-Seater as well. The students have to pay admission fee to take entry in the hostel i.e. RS 1 only.

On the basis of the room and facilities, Charge should be taken. Four-time meal is served to the students in the form of Breakfast, Lunch, Evening snacks and Dinner as well. The vegetarian and Non-vegetarian dietary options are given to the students to choose from. The food is prepared by the experienced cook who completely maintain hygiene and nutrition of the food, to be served.

The floors of the house are cleaned and mopped frequently as well as the floors of every room are well carpeted. The hostel has a high-speed WiFi service for the use of the internet when in need. The hostel also provides laundry service. To make them comfortable and easier. Hot and Cold water is available for 24 hours. The rooms are spacious, bright and sunny with comfortable bed and mattress, table and chairs, clean wardrobe. The rooms are warm during Winter as well as cool during Summer having big size of windows.

First-aid is given to the students if anyone is injured. Due to the prime location, it’s easier to carry the students to the hospital in case of any medical emergency. Bus stands, Micro stands and Auto stands are nearly located, So it’s easier for the students to travel through public transport. Nearby Colleges are Pentagon College, Nasa College, Triton College, Universal college, Baneswor College, CCRC College, VS Niketan College and ISMT college. It’s very easy for those students who have been enrolled in these reputed Colleges which are nearby from this hostel to stay.

The hostel is supervised and managed by the owner and the warden who guide the students in their career and studies. They also act as the guardian for the students who have come to the hostel leaving their home and family. Though the hostel has recently been opened, it has been helping and serving the students, came away from home to pursue higher studies and make their future bright. If you want to stay in this hostel, you can call them directly. The hostel well worth your time and money.

Hostel Address
Aditi Marg, Tinkune-32, Kathmandu

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